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The Complete Guide to Reception Desks | Office Reception Desks

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A reception desks is more than just a piece of office décor placed in the lobby or waiting room of a store, clinic, or other places of business. It is the setting for first impressions of the company or office. It should go without saying that having a cheerful, welcoming face to greet customers at the door of a business or store helps to create a welcoming atmosphere. The reception area operates in a similar way. Clients will enter the office setting of the firm here for the first time. The clients’ initial impression of the office’s or company’s branding is the quick impact. Here is where they will form their initial impressions.

A stylish, professional space with a reception desk as its focal point will give off a positive impression. However, there is a good risk that the first impression will be unfavorable if the space looks haphazardly put together with random mismatched furnishings and clashing color schemes.

For a client, a reception desk acts as the focal point of an office or business. Visitors will be greeted and directed to the appropriate area of the office by a receptionist. The desk will also be used to receive goods, documents, and other necessities for the location. Having a trendy and well-designed reception desk has a great impact on the entire office. This part of the shop or workplace really does set the tone for everything else in it.

Different Designs

There are numerous designs, configurations, and coatings available for reception desks. Variety is abundant because this desk is such a crucial component of the entire process. There is a desk for every commercial or business situation, whether it is in a modern, traditional, or contemporary style with every finish imaginable. These desks can be as little as a writing desk with very little storage and counter space, or they can be as huge as necessary. For bigger office environments, there are numerous workstation alternatives for multiple receptionists. Naturally, the size of the furniture will be constrained by the amount of space available; in these cases, bespoke desks are an excellent substitute for pre-manufactured furniture.

EGGER Wood Products is the most widely used material for this kind of desk. The most popular type of furniture in Dubai UAE now is EGGER Wood office furniture. Durability, adaptability, and affordability are just a few advantages of laminate. EGGER Laminate has a long life expectancy and is sturdy and durable. The most beautifully crafted reception desks, such as those with curved tops, are typically made of laminate. Additionally, because of how it is produced, transported, and put together on location, laminate is the material that delivers the greatest cost reduction. The price point will vary because there is such a wide range in this particular category of commercial and office furniture. There are several ways to find a desk that is inexpensive, including using laminate, but there are also many high-end custom options that can be fairly expensive.

Complementary office furniture

Curves are frequently seen in reception desks, either at the counter or at an L-shaped intersection. This type of desk typically has a height of thirty inches and a length of six feet. When there will be two receptionists working, it is typical to have a 12-foot-long reception desk with two L-shaped desks placed side by side to provide a spacious waiting space. Additionally, using frosted glass accents is a terrific method to divide two receptionists who share a desk and work closely together. Overhead storage, lateral filing cabinets with hutches, storage cabinets, and personal storage tower alternatives are examples of complementary office furniture that can be used to complete your reception desk set.

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What is a reception desk?

It is a desk in front of a commercial or business office where a receptionist works to accept clients for the company. A lawyer’s office, a hospital waiting area, or a dentist’s office are all settings where one of these desks would be placed.

What exactly is the purpose of a reception desk?

It is placed in front of a store to welcome customers. The receptionist welcomes visitors to the office and guides them to other areas of the building from this desk. The desk serves as the office’s main gathering place.

What is the typical height of a reception desk?

The normal height for the desktop is thirty inches, while the transaction counter is forty-two inches.

How much does a reception desk cost?

The cost of a desk like this varies greatly based on a number of things. For starters, a personalized desk will cost extra. Custom desks that fit a specific shape and have a lot of detail in the furniture piece will command a higher price. The materials will also have a significant impact on the pricing. When compared to real wood, laminates will be more affordable. Size is also a major deciding element. Generally speaking, the larger the desk, the higher the expense. Finally, extras will have an impact on the price. Drawers, keyboard trays, and matching cabinets will all have an impact on the range.

How do you make a reception desk?

A desk is often delivered in pieces that must be joined together. If the desk is an L or U form, the main desk will be placed first, followed by an additional return. The pedestals (if applicable) must be erected during this phase of the installation. The addition of any accouterments, such as a hutch, frosted glass inserts, or a transaction counter, would come next. Finally, the component must be placed in the place of service.

How should a reception desk be built?

The desk will be the main emphasis when creating a floor plan for a reception area. So, this desk comes in a variety of sizes. Allowing a design team to help with the desk’s design is one way to create the ideal desk. This will guarantee that you obtain a desk that will fit your area just right.

How is a curved reception desk constructed?

A curved desk can be put together almost exactly like a regular desk. So, the main desk will be given priority. Then any alternative possibilities. Sometimes many components will need to be put together to assemble the curved top.

A reception desk’s height.

A transaction counter will be situated 42 inches from the desktop, which will be 30 inches. The accepted measurements are as follows.

How can a two-person welcome desk be designed and built?

Combining two desks is the ideal way to create a dual-seated welcome room. This could have an L-shape or a U-shape. Two pieces of furniture are an excellent solution.

What height is ideal for a reception desk?

Desks should be thirty inches high, while transaction counters are often forty-two inches tall.

What is the price of a reception desk?

Due to the numerous size and design options, these desks come in a wide range of prices. The desks come in a range of prices, from fairly cheap custom furniture items to quite pricey. Working with the appropriate supplier makes it simple to find value.

How do you put a power outlet in a reception desk?

There are several options for proving power to the desk. An easy way to provide power is with a grommet clamp power outlet module or free-standing power module.

What kind of reception desk is most useful?

Depending on how it will be utilized, a desk may not be the most functional option. There isn’t one piece of office furniture that works in every setting, so it’s up to the consumer to choose the ideal workstation for them. Our skilled design staff, however, can help you in your search.

What is the width of a welcome desk?

The standard size for these desks is six feet, however, they are available in a variety of widths. It is typical to have a ten to a twelve-foot desk with two L-shaped desks positioned side by side to create a spacious greeting area for situations when two receptionists will be working.

An office desk that is designed for standing how tall is it?

42 inches is the average height for a person to stand. So, Modern standing desks, on the other hand, have an adjustable option that enables a switch from sitting to standing with the push of a button. The user-configurable preset heights are stored on the modern standing desk.

How deep is the receptionist’s desk in proportion to the counter?

Although twenty-four inches is the minimum allowable depth, thirty inches is the standard. The desire to save money by choosing the narrower option might be detrimental to a receptionist because the reduced workspace can be detrimental to the worker.

What amount should be allocated for a reception desk?

The consumer decides how much money to spend. It’s always ideal to find a high-quality piece of office furniture within a reasonable price range. Finding a fantastic desk at an affordable price is possible with some study and working with a reliable office furniture company in Dubai.

office reception desk

Reception Desk in Dubai | Reception Desk Abu Dhabi | Office Master Office Furniture

We provide a wide range of design possibilities for the reception desk. To enhance the reception area’s decor, our professional workers create a distinctive and opulent reception desk. OfficeMaster will assist you in finding the ideal reception desk match when you are considering the best reception furniture options for your workspace. Embrace luxury, elegance, and modern designs to make your office one of the best in town. The most common and frequently used reception desks in most offices are L-shaped. They are tastefully positioned and give the room an opulent appearance. So, With the many design possibilities offered by OfficeMaster, they can have color schemes and be positioned according to the space.

The U-shaped reception area is utilized for larger receptions with a few receptionists and a busy lobby. These reception desks give the area a bold, distinctive look. Straight receptions are straightforward and easily produced by an office. A contemporary reception desk would look nice in a tiny reception space. For a luxurious appearance in places with a large lobby or reception, a reception desk constructed of stone and lights can be used. This will give the area a natural feel and liven up a dull space.

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