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If you’re looking for small workstation desk, we can help. Salam UAE has a large range of circular surfaces, ideal for meeting rooms and

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If you’re looking for small workstation desk, we can help. Salam UAE has a large range of circular surfaces, ideal for meeting rooms and conference rooms. A range of distinct table styles can be found in our selection. We offer arrowhead versions with tubular legs as well as lightweight foldable designs with Office partitions.

Salam UAE is a No. 1 local furniture manufacturer in UAE Ajman. We made office furniture, a Small Workstation Desk, executive desk, reception desk, conference desk, meeting desk, coffee center table, and workstations, and Custom made furniture.

Getting the right Workstation is the ultimate intention of all the investors. When one invests money in purchasing some kind of valuable furniture, he or she becomes interested in spending money on the furniture that will provide benefit to him. Therefore, in the case of purchasing a Workstation, you will also look forward to getting a better result. As per the increasing demand for useful furniture, the supply of these Workstations has also increased tremendously.

Custom design Small Workstation Desk

we deal with all office furniture Dubai workstation desk with drawers. Many times, you may experience some tougher experiences to attain information regarding the best sources of a product. However, if you take precautionary measures and follow some important guidelines to purchase some of the important household items, then it will be the best option for you.

Modern Style Small Workstation Desk

We also make different styles and luxury workstations like with storage, workstation desk NZ, workstation desk with shelves, workstation desk Walmart,  workstation desk argo, workstation desk Kenya, Ikea. Therefore, if you intend to get the latest designed fittings to decorate your home in a better and healthier way, then we deliver free home delivery services along with the purchases will be the best option for you.

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Specifications of small workstation desk:

  • Structure: MDF + Melamine
  • Body + Legs: E1 Environmental Boards
  • E1 Environmental Board crafted with German HUECK texture
  • Colour: Mahogany & Black
  • Desktop Thickness: 5cm.
  • 3 Drawers each Cabinet
  • 12mm thick steel leg with internal cable function
  • Max Weight Capacity 80Kg

Product Dimensions:

  • 240(W) x 60(D) x 75(H)
  • Weight:  Kg

Packaging Dimensions (cm):

  • Box 1: 124(L) x 64(D) x 9(H)
  • Therefore, Box 2: 65(L) x 45(D) x 20(H)
  • Box 3: 105(L) x 20(D) x 23(H)

Different Categories of Office Furniture Dubai:


So, Salam UAE provides best custom-made cheap office furniture Dubai manufacturing company in UAE, as well as wholesale distributors of office furniture Dubai


1.  Modern Office Desk


2.     Luxury Office Chairs Dubai



3.      Sofa



4.      Flooring


5.      Cabinet



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