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Sharp series of modern office desk, with a maximum thickness of about 8 mm, aims for minimal thickness and maximum self-expression.

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Modern Office Desk

As sharp as a tack.

Sharp series of modern office desk, with a maximum thickness of about 8 mm, aims for minimal thickness and maximum self-expression. However, with good coordination of numerous materials and flexible combinations, this piece is light, attractive, and powerful. As sharp, as perceptive.

Our Personality Is Reflected in Our Conference Room

Any conference could provide an opportunity for self-promotion. To complete productive brainstorming and team operations, we are thirsty for a concise, vivid, and convenient conferencing system.

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In order to simplify your work and reduce stress, you’ll need a modern office executive desk in your office. Moreover, there has been a change in executive desks in businesses throughout time; there are now a variety of styles and colors that provide workers with optimal comfort while also helping to create their image in the eyes of their visitors and customers. In Dubai, Salam UAE has the most up-to-date office executive desk and Modern Office Desk.

Chairs for the office, desks, workstations, reception tables, Modern Office Desk, and more.

Salam UAE is happy to assist you in decorating your new office space with the most up-to-date furniture designs — office furniture that is designed to not only provide a professional, clean, and modern aesthetic, but also to increase workplace efficiency.

For more than a decade, we’ve been providing office furniture to businesses and commercial organizations in Dubai, and it’s been our pleasure to ensure that each of our clients has access to the best designs from the best designers, all at very affordable pricing.

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Because of technological advancements, people currently spend a lot of time working on computers desk. And, if you look at how much time people who work in offices spend sitting in a day, week, month, or year, you’ll see that they spend more than half of their lives sitting in chairs.

Over the years, office chairs have evolved to address some of the issues that most office workers confront, such as back, neck, and nerve pain as a result of sitting for lengthy periods of time.

Employees can work for long periods of time without experiencing these ailments thanks to the newly updated assortment of office chairs. Office Interior is a furniture specialist in Dubai, specializing in modern office furniture. Salam UAE offers office furniture sales in Dubai a variety of office chair collections, as well as original leather office chairs of exceptional quality.

Modern Office Desk

•   Custom-made modern design Executive Office Desk,
•   Material:

High-quality board Made in GERMANY with Anti Bacterial Surface properties,
•   Board Finish: (wide options check Our MATERIALS & COLOURS Page and contact our sales product experts for final selection),
•   Free design consultation upon request

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