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If you’re looking for CARTER Workstation Right Return, we can help. Salam UAE has a large range of circular surfaces, ideal for meeting

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If you’re looking for CARTER Workstation Right Return, we can help. Salam UAE has a large range of circular surfaces, ideal for meeting rooms and conference rooms. A range of distinct table styles can be found in our selection. We offer arrowhead versions with tubular legs as well as lightweight foldable designs with office partitions.

Salam UAE is a No. 1 local furniture manufacturer in UAE Ajman. We made office furniture, CARTER Workstation Right Return, executive desk, reception desk, conference desk, meeting desk, coffee center table, and workstations, and Custom made furniture.

Workstations greatly impact your organization, work habits, seating posture, and the look of the office. Therefore, it is important that the right workstations are chosen as per your office requirements. Myriads of computer desks are available that range from simple to elaborated form and are meant to match professional work requirements. These furniture items with different configurations perfectly blend the utility, longevity, and curative factor together. Basically, there are five types of workstations available in the market.

Custom design CARTER Workstation Right Return

Workstation can be made of different materials although the two most common are the classic wood option or a laminate option. While both options will improve employee health and productivity, they are slightly different in terms of appearance and durability. If you opt for a wood model, for example, you will get a slightly classier, more executive appearance for your furniture. If you opt for a laminate one, however, you will experience more durability, especially in terms of resistance to damage such as scratches. The laminate option is also usually a bit more budget-friendly but in the end, the decision depends on your needs and wants.

Modern Style Right Return

CARTER Workstation Right Return is a good idea to go for desks in light colors including white and light wood. They are not only more cheerful. They actually make the workstation brighter and this helps for an even greater boost in productivity. Another great option is to use textured glass dividers between the desks. That way, the office, and each person’s work area will be brighter while everyone will enjoy privacy.

Overall, it makes sense to gather information on the preferences of your workers before selecting workstation furniture. That way, you will ensure that they will have high productivity. You can now take advantage of excellent quality office furniture from our website which comes at great prices. The selection is wide. The service is fast and reliable. You will get the best deal.

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All materials have been selected for their premium look, feel, and suitability for home and commercial environments.

Assembly Required:

  • Professional Assembly Recommended


  • Light dusting/wiping for general cleaning


Specifications of workstation desk with drawers:

  • Structure: MDF + Melamine
  • Body + Legs: E1 Environmental Boards
  • E1 Environmental Board crafted with German HUECK texture
  • Colour: Mahogany & Black
  • Desktop Thickness: 5cm.
  • 3 Drawers each Cabinet
  • 12mm thick steel leg with internal cable function
  • Max Weight Capacity 80Kg

Product Dimensions:

  • 240(W) x 60(D) x 75(H)
  • Weight:  Kg

Packaging Dimensions (cm):

  • Box 1: 124(L) x 64(D) x 9(H)
  • Therefore, Box 2: 65(L) x 45(D) x 20(H)
  • Box 3: 105(L) x 20(D) x 23(H)


Different Categories of Office Furniture Dubai:


So, Salam UAE provides best custom-made cheap office furniture Dubai manufacturing company in UAE, as well as wholesale distributors of office furniture Dubai


1.  Modern Office Desk


2.     Luxury Office Chairs Dubai



3.      Sofa



4.      Flooring


5.      Cabinet



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