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Tips For Selecting A Reception Desk Abu Dhabi

Reception Desk Abu Dhabi

According to human psychology, we tend to recall our initial impressions. Either you are forming a first impression of a business or an individual. When someone enters your office, they are greeted by your business representatives in the Reception Desk Abu Dhabi area. Clients and investors who interact with your organisation must have a positive first impression of the office.

Always choose office furniture reception desk Abu Dhabi that is elegant, functional, and modern in style. Not only are these types of furniture comfortable, but they also leaving an impression on users.
Consider the following considerations when purchasing a reception desk:

Contemporary office furniture


Before purchasing a reception table, take accurate measurements of the available space in the waiting area. Choose the size and location of the desk you wish to position. How many individuals will utilize this reception area? The reception desk Abu Dhabi should face the front side door so that visitors can see it as soon as they enter the office.

Consider purchasing a reception desk proportional to your waiting area. It should not be too large for the space or too small to accommodate even one person. Make room for additional furniture in the waiting area.


Every aspect of business and interaction with clients and visitors is unique. The same holds true for the front desk Abu Dhabi. Consider the purpose of each piece of furniture before purchasing it.

In addition to interacting with clients and visitors, what other duties should the receptionist perform? If they are working on a variety of filings and data entry, they will require additional space on their desk.

How many people visited the information desk at the same time? How long must each visitor wait in line? The aforementioned tips will assist you in selecting office-appropriate furniture. If you are a small business with infrequent visitors, one table chair will suffice.

Or, if your office receives more frequent visitors than your seating arrangement with sofas can accommodate, an additional pair of chairs and coffee tables would be necessary. A creative and distinctive desk Abu Dhabi will enhance your business and client response.


To maintain your company’s brand image, invest in aesthetically pleasing and timeless furniture. If your company provides services or products to senior citizens, classic or traditional furniture would be appropriate. But if your organisation works in creative and innovative fields, contemporary and one-of-a-kind furnishings would be ideal. Consider including artwork, success stories, and testimonials. Adding various decorations and works of art will make your waiting room fashionable and opulent.


Not all quality furniture is considered quality furniture. Not ideal is purchasing reception furniture from any store without a guarantee. Furniture for waiting areas is a long-term investment. as it will not only be used by your employees, but also by your customers, visitors, investors, and applicants.

Our office plus provides a variety of desks that match the branding of your organisation. However, it is aesthetic in both quality and design. Our entire selection of reception tables has been designed by master designers. You can view our entire selection of office furniture in Dubai on our website.

Reception desk Abu Dhabi Selecting the optimal design

The following design tips will assist you in selecting the best from scratch.


This design category emphasizes sleek and organized aesthetics. This style, which predominantly employs steel and glass, is referred to as contemporary. If you are looking for glass tables, then office plus has an assortment of creatively designed and inventively styled glass-topped reception desk Abu Dhabi. We provide same-day express delivery of office furniture to Dubai.

Diverse range

In this design collection, as the term implies, creativity and the combination of various pieces and elements evolve. Moreover, it’s entertaining to have a curved front desk comprised of multiple materials of the same form. If your organisation or business focuses on innovation and modern technology, then these types of reception desks Abu Dhabi are ideal.


Organizations with a history of founding and accomplishments tend to go with the flow. This type of reception desk Abu Dhabi is excellent for attracting attention because it conveys an impression of the company’s high class and prominence.


Dynamic design emphasizes the use of bright colors and straightforward lines. Therefore, choose neutral colours for a flawless appearance. We offer expedient delivery services for office furniture to Abu Dhabi.

How much space do you want for a reception counter in UAE?

Front Desk/Reception Desk Abu Dhabi as well as Administrative and Business Area: 50 square feet, around a 6 foot by 8 foot region, is the most ideal least for one individual to serenely work. For each extra individual around there, add basically one more 30 square feet, 50 to be agreeable.

Where should the reception counter be arranged in the workplace?

Position the reception counter desk abu dhabi to confront the front entryway, however sufficiently far so it doesn’t go about as a boundary to the space. Be certain your front counter has adequate capacity and attempt to keep the meeting room shut off so that bundles and conveyances can be concealed.

For what reason are front counters so high?

A work area with a high counter is safer, yet it likewise isolates your resource individual from those looking for the assistance your organization gives. Consider a lower work area surface, regardless of whether the work area itself is wide and forcing. This conceals your secretary less from approaching clients and gives a feeling of receptiveness.

How would I pick a work area size?

The bigger the space, the greater the work area aspects can be. A more modest or restricted region will profit from a suitable space-saving model. Attempt to keep up with somewhere in the range of 33 and 36 creeps of room behind your work area to permit adequate room for your seat and 48 crawls in front to oblige any emphasize seats or other furnishings.

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