Luxury Office Desk ED 40

You are looking for a new Salam UAE Luxury Office Desk to assist you to get the work done and look nice at the modern

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You are looking for a new Salam UAE Luxury Office Desk to assist you to get the work done and look nice at the modern management desk? However, Our Executive Desk is created to give your company a particular style and feel, and not only that. Moreover, but we have done so one step further by offering you the option to select the color. And add other accessories like power sockets and wireless chargers.

Luxury Office Desk

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Executive Desks

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Dubai’s top management desks like Luxury Office Desk. As, Our collection comprises a wide selection of table tables with better comfort and technology in the workplace.

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Custom Made
Material: Original Egger German Board
Shape: L Shape, Rectangular, Square, Round
Condition: New
Storage/Drawers: Yes
Onsite Assembly provided: Yes
Drawers Lockable: Yes
Assembly required: Yes
10 Year Warranty

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So, Salam UAE provides best custom-made cheap office furniture Dubai manufacturing company in UAE, as well as wholesale distributors of office furniture Dubai


1.  Modern Office Desk


2.     Luxury Office Chairs Dubai



3.      Sofa



4.      Flooring


5.      Cabinet


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