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Office Furniture Dubai UAE

We have served our clients with zeal and attention since our inception in the industry. Office Furniture Dubai Supplier provides high-quality office furniture in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, and throughout the United Arab Emirates, as well as other countries such as Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Our appliance Dubai store aims to deliver high-quality work appliances throughout the UAE; whether you’re looking for economical or elegant furnishings, you can expect to find it all in our well-finished assortment of products. Contact our Dubai office furniture Dubai store for the best offer.


Exclusive Collection of Modern Office Furniture UAE

We provide a diverse range of desks, workstations, chairs, sofas, storage cabinets, and entire office furniture Dubai collections. Our company offers our customers the finest deals from time to time, and you can get a wide range of office furniture Dubai from us in terms of sizes and drawer storage in a variety of forms and styles.

Until now, many office furniture Dubai owners in Dubai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other UAE cities favored L-shape and Rectangular desks for their senior employees to use in various cabins and other rooms.

Office Furniture UAE

Salam UAE is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs in terms of product design, material, size, and color. We assess the location of your workplace first and then provide office furniture Dubai  in UAE that is properly suited to the working environment. In addition, we provide stylish, customizable, and lightweight furniture manufactured of German Egger board and wood.

While providing office furniture Dubai in the UAE, we make certain that each piece you purchase has a pleasant feel and a modern appearance. For the greatest furniture, visit our online office furniture Dubai store.


Luxury Office Furniture Dubai

Our experts understand that ergonomically designed office office furniture Dubai chairs are crucial furniture components for your office furniture Dubai lifestyle. As a result, we offer a variety of office chairs with ergonomic features for easy adjustments and a comfortable posture.

Back tension, adjustable heightened seat, headrest support, and many other features are available. Furthermore, our office chairs have a mesh back to allow for optimum air circulation, which helps to prevent sweat and moisture.


supplying of conference or meeting tables

We have experience designing and supplying conference or meeting tables in a variety of shapes and sizes, including oval meeting tables, rectangle meeting tables, square meeting tables, and round meeting tables, among others.

According to the usefulness and overall aesthetics of your office furniture Dubai space, we recommend the finest available conference table design. Salam UAE guarantees that your office furniture Dubai will be exactly what you want in terms of color, size, and material. We can also make furniture to match your specific needs and workplace space.

To add to your peace of mind, office furniture Dubai is the leading office furniture Dubai provider in Dubai, offering prompt service and free shipping throughout the UAE.


There are different types of Office Furniture Dubai in below:


Executive Desk Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai UAE

Organizing your space is crucial since your surroundings have an impact on your work life. Desks are the most significant part of an office furniture Dubai, therefore organizing your desk, which is where you work, is crucial. In a company, there are several sorts of desks such as executive desk, computer desk, writing desk, credenza desk, corner desk, secretary desk, and so on.

An executive desk Dubai is a single work surface in the Centre of the office furniture Dubai that is widely used in large workplaces. These enormous executive desks always have a double pedestal design with file and box drawers for storing papers and work.


Salam UAE Furniture

Salam UAE Furniture, one of the top Executive Desk suppliers in Dubai, using the highest quality materials at an accessible price. You can also order Executive Desk online and receive free delivery. Various types of office furniture Dubai, like conference table, workstation table, round meeting table, coffee table, Centre table, and other office chair, can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Choose from a variety of Executive Desks, Computer Desks, and Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desks for the office furniture Dubai or at home to meet your work style and requirements. Modern Manager Desks with steel or wooden frames are available in a variety of sizes and finishes in Dubai.


L Shape Executive Desk:

The L shape executive desk has more room, allowing us to keep our belongings organized and avoid misplacing them. We can keep anything, including a computer, files, office furniture Dubai, and notepads, on it. Salam UAE Furniture also manufactures L shape Executive Desks to our customers’ specifications and preferences.


U Shape Executive Desk:

By adding a third work surface in the form of a credenza to a L shaped desk, the U shape office executive desk takes the concept of extra space to a whole new level. The U shape executive desk offers symmetric or asymmetric with a blend of material supports with a wide range of wall, Balance utilitarian with unique design components.


White Executive Desk:

The White Executive Desk is well-known; the hue is similar to milk, fresh snow, and puffy white clouds, office furniture Dubai,  which are all appropriate colors for an Executive Desk. Dark colors, on the other hand, are perfect for the desk because they do not reflect in your eyes.

Executive desk is manufacturing at very large industries/stores. Salam UAE Furniture is a company that makes a variety of executive desks using the highest quality materials at a reasonable price.

They also offer an online service for the goods, where you may purchase the Executive Desk online and have it delivered for free.


Online Service of Executive Desk

We also offer an online service for the goods, where you may get a 10% discount on the Executive Desk Salam UAE. Furthermore, when you purchase online, you will receive free delivery to your location as well as installation of the Desks in your office furniture Dubai without causing any damage.

Their product delivery time is between 7 and 10 business days, depending on payment. We not only provide Executive Desks, but also other forms of Office Furniture Dubai  in various styles, depending on the needs of the customer.

EGGER® Germany, EGGER® Germany, EGGER® Germany, EGGER® Germany, and Board Finishes: 130 color possibilities, with a variety of color combinations to choose from. Cable grommets in a round shape (standard 2 corner top locations per desk).


Office Reception Desk Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai UAE

The most basic is the reception area, which is a piece of an office furniture Dubai space where you greet all guests and give a waiting room until they are met by the person with whom they came to meet. Reception Desk Dubai is one of the leading providers; they use the highest quality materials at an accessible price.

You can also order Reception Desk Online and have it delivered free of charge. The welcome counter table is a crucial element of workplace furniture. We are the top office furniture Dubai store in the UAE where you can buy office furniture Dubai at wholesale prices.

Modern Reception Desk

A reception desk is a unique sort of desk that is typically seen in an office furniture Dubai waiting room and is used for greeting guests, answering phones, and scheduling appointments.

Modern Reception Desk there are many different designs available nowadays that you may select from. There is also a lightweight desk that you can shift about according to your needs.

Salam UAE Furniture created the modular reception desk, which is made of high-quality materials. Every organization needs an office table since it helps keep the office furniture Dubai neat.


There are various kinds of reception desks:

Curved Reception Desk

A curved Reception desk is smooth, sleek, and futuristic; it has a large space and makes a fantastic first impression on visitors. The large space provides greater space and security.


Straight Reception Desk

Straight Reception Desks are common, and they can easily fit into any size of office. It has a professional, conventional, and efficient appearance to it.


L Shaped Reception Desk

L-shaped reception desks are ideal for filling in the gaps in the middle of a room. It will appear modern and smooth, and because these types of desks are rather spacious, you can use the space to keep the computer on one side and conduct your other work on the other.


Cube Reception Desk

A Cube Reception Desk provides a secure environment for as well as working space on both sides and in the front. They’re also available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Salam UAE Furniture will give you with a variety of designs and sizes based on your order. They employ high-quality materials at a reasonable cost.

The production of reception  takes place in a very large factory/store. Salam UAE Furniture is a company that creates a variety of executive desks. They utilize the highest quality materials and offer them at a reasonable price. You can also use the product’s online service, Reception Desk Online.

You can now buy an office of your choosing; we can also expand or decrease the dimensions of any of these desks, as well as add portions to make them fit better in your welcome area.


reception desk or table

A reception desk or table should be between 28 and 34 inches in height. A person’s normal height should be 30 inches. The height of stand-up seating should not exceed 34 inches. The cost of starts at roughly 500 AED and can go up to 20,000 AED.

You get what you pay for, like with most items. A 500 AED desk may only last a few years, whereas a 5,000 AED desk may endure decades. Before the end of the year, take advantage of a 10% discount.


Office workstation Dubai | Cheap Online workstation

The evolution from traditional office workstation tables and chairs to today’s ergonomic chairs and elegantly designed workstations has been lengthy and winding. Exclusive Desks for Office Workstations only require minor adjustments and our touch to transform into a modern office layout that might be the ideal solution for a cramped old traditional office space.

Traditional office workstation layouts stifle productivity, and our work is a gift for creating a unique office workstation arrangement as well as a collaborative work atmosphere.


Leading Office Workstations manufacture &Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Salam UAE Furniture is a renowned office furniture Dubai manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, UAE, with offices in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, and throughout the UAE, as well as Nigeria and Ethiopia. As the saying goes, life is too short for uninteresting things, and the least we can expect is a boring workspace with uncomfortable office furniture.

At offices, where we spend about one-third of our waking hours. So, with the greatest quality materials and the most efficient line of employees on hand,


customized office workstations

we produce nothing short than perfection in the realm of customized office workstations such as workstations with drawers and round workstations. We are the most popular furniture makers, and we work hard to design and supply office workspaces that provide a stable and productive working environment with high-quality wood workstation desks.

Salam UAE Furniture provides a wide range of modern office workstations in Dubai, including sit/stand desks, lounge seats, bench-style cubicles, and ergonomic workstations. Employees can sit comfortably in their positions, in a relaxed posture, and in a space that best matches the office’s efficiency and relaxation.

Through our Office Workstations in Dubai, which helps deliver a revitalized workday, as well as other benefits, a parallel advantage for employees’ demand for privacy and cultured collaboration?


Buy Customized Workstations Desks in Dubai UAE

We are the appropriate name for you if you are searching for a team to assist you make your office seem trendy and elegant, whether it is for a computer workstation desk or a modular office workstation. When it comes to office furniture, we firmly believe there is only one option: employee-centric workstation furniture.

We help construct a systematized and well-thought-out designs and furnishings that turn heads as a top office workstations and cubicle tables maker in Dubai, UAE. The addition of our modular workstation table and workstations to your office can boost productivity.

Salam UAE Furniture’s team of skilled engineers and designers are dedicated to providing the highest quality modern office workstations and workstation desks. Salam UAE, we make certain that the prices we offer are the most competitive in the UAE.


We offer furniture in different classifications, shapes, and dimensions with our office workstation for sale

We offer furniture in different classifications, shapes, and dimensions with our office workstation for sale, keeping both elegance and ease in mind. As a result, we offer the most ergonomic workstation and workstation table available. A double workstation desk and table are also available.

We also provide unique designs such as dual workstation desks and double workstation computer desks for the most effective and efficient workspace utilization.

We provide an unrivalled choice of items to our customers with our best workstation desk, all at competitive costs, high quality, and with dependable customer service. We urge you to shop for the greatest office furniture Dubai workstations in a variety of colors, including white workstation desks, black workstation desks, modular workstations, and open office workstations, online or in person.


We can also assist you with workstation layout design and conception thanks to our in-house design team.

Working from home is becoming more common these days, but nothing beats the comfort of your own office. As a result, you’ll be able to get your own workstation desk. A workstation is a desk with assistance that maximizes the available workplace space without increasing the width. It can also be used at home. The workstation desk is available in both left and right-handed versions.

If you’re looking for the greatest Workstation Desk, whether it’s for a computer workstation desk or a modular office workstation, Office Furniture Dubai is the place to go. We feel that desk should be one of them. As a result, we provide the highest quality of product, Ergonomic furnishing that we deliver are bright and comfortable, as well as with treasured working arrangement and also decrease tension and back ache, making employees happy.


Types of Workstation Desk:-

Linear Workstation desk can come in a variety of sizes, but most will have a partition in front of a desk that is a particular height. A separate material coating is also applied to the surface. The partition is sometimes made of corkboard to provide some privacy for employees and to allow them to pin up crucial documents.


Single Seater Workstation Desk:-

This type of Workstation Desk is specifically created for an individual’s operation; it has no additional connections with other members. A single seater workstation desk gives an employee a reasonable amount of privacy.


Four Seater back to back Workstation Desks:-

Four employees can sit in a cubicle with their backs to each other in this form of modern workstation desk. Four Seater Back-to-back workstation desk four employees can be accommodated at a desk, each with their own level of privacy. It can be utilized by team leaders or managers who need to communicate with one another on a regular basis.


Clustered Workstation Desk:-

This Clustered workstation desk is made up of a group of workstations that have been grouped together to make a unified whole. It allows employees easy access and is great for individuals who operate in groups.


Manufacture of Workstation Desk

Manufacturing is possible in very large industries/stores. Salam UAE Furniture is one of the leading manufacturers in the UAE, producing a wide range Manufacture of Workstation Desks made of the highest quality materials at an affordable price. They make use of the following materials:

  • EGGER® Germany EGGER® Germany EGGER® Germany EGGER® Germany EGGER® Germany EGGER® Germany EGGER® Germany EGGER • 130 color possibilities for board finishes • A variety of color combinations are available.
Online Service in Dubai


You can also buy Workstation Desk online, where you can acquire it for a very low price. Salam UAE is currently offering a 10% discount on it. In addition, when you buy online, you will receive free delivery and they will put up the desks in your office without causing any harm. As a result, we offer the most ergonomic workstation desk. We also offer custom design services, as well as quality and service.

We recommend that you shop online at Office Furniture Dubai Workstation because it has a variety of hues available, including White Workstation Desk, Black Workstation Desk, Modular Workstation Desk, and Open Workstation Desk. You can also purchase several sorts of office furniture. Salam UAE furniture engineers and technicians strive to provide the highest quality of product materials in workstation desks.


Conference Desks Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai UAE

We’re all looking for new Conference Desks Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai UAE with the best materials these days, especially those who want to mix a prestigious and unique look. A Conference Desk or a Conference Hall is required in any office so that all members can gather in one location for any meetings. A conference desk is a long table where all of the participants can assemble and sit together to discuss during the meeting.

Conference Hall is the name of the location. A smooth flat surface supported by one or more vertical legs is known as a table Conference Desk UAE deals with all forms of furniture, including Conference Desks and Meeting Tables. To assist you in selecting the best conference table, we have described the many types of conference tables.


Modular Conference table

These Modular Conference Table come in a variety of shapes, ranging from oval to rectangular to crescent, rhombus, and triangular. You may also customize the meeting tables to create a large and one-of-a-kind Conference table by combining different shapes and styles.

These sorts of Modular Conference or Meeting Tables are employed in tiny offices because they take up less room. We are the leading office furniture Dubai manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, and we create various types of high-quality office furniture, including workstation tables, reception, coffee tables, office chairs, and office couches.


Mobile Conference Table

Because it takes up so much area, mobile conference table are mostly used in large offices. These Mobile Tables are available with only one leg, which eliminates the need to join other tables. You may keep the table in any location, and it is light enough to be moved by anyone. This sort of conference table also features flip-tops, which allows you to lift the top upright and slide the tables next to each other to fit into a compact space.


Glass Conference Table

Glass Conference Table have always been a popular choice for office furniture. It has a sleek, streamlined appearance, and the Glass Conference table will make the office appear larger and cleaner. These glass tables are simple and attractive, and they combine laminate, veneer, and fabric to create a modern and classy office furniture Dubai.


Folding Conference Table


Folding Conference table are sometimes the ideal solution for a tiny office furniture Dubai because they can be folded at any moment and stored anywhere. These meeting tables are lightweight and portable, allowing for meetings to be held anywhere and at any time.

Conference Desk Dubai is one of the best Conference table providers; they utilize the highest quality materials and offer a variety of new designs, and you can also place an order for a custom Office Conference Table based on your specifications. You can also buy an Office Conference Desk online, where you can obtain discounts and free shipping.


Manufacture of Conference Desk

Manufacture of Conference Desk in large factories or in a store. Salam UAE Furniture is one of the greatest producers since they use the highest quality materials.

It also sells its product at an extremely low cost. • Custom-made modern Conference Desk/Meeting Table • Board Material: EGGER® Germany are some of the materials they utilize. • 130 color possibilities for board finishes • Free design consultation available upon request • 5-year warranty on all Egger boards • Customization of whole office furniture Dubai series • Free shipping and installation throughout the UAE


Meeting Table Dubai

Boardrooms, training rooms, and conference areas are among the types of meeting room office furniture Dubai we offer. For maximum space efficiency and usability, we provide modular round meeting tables. We provide a variety of oval and circular meeting tables in a variety of materials and finishes to match your specific requirements.


Height adjustable Desks

Height-adjustable desks are an important aspect of any office furniture Dubai arrangement, especially for creative workers whose ideas are fueled by the freedom from a boring workstation. Salam UAE recognizes the significance of this and offers a diverse range of height-adjustable desks.

We give the best solution for Height adjustable Desk for your creative team and office furniture Dubai alike!! Fulfilling the needs of our respected clients around the UAE with various sorts of custom-made designs – we deliver the best solution for Height adjustable Desk for your creative team and office alike!!


Economic Office Desk

The primary elements of our new Economic Office Desk are simplicity and usability. Our Economical Office Desk, with the best materials and designs, provides the best piece of office furniture in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at the best costs!


Coffee & Centre

Salam UAE offers a choice of coffee and center tables in various sizes to fit the scale and décor of your business. A coffee table is the best way to create a statement to your interiors, whether you want to enhance your current décor or change the entire style! Choose from a broad range of coffee and center tables from Salam UAE to add some flare to your room!

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